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Decorated Ponies For Your Party
(and Petting Zoo too * )

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 Ponies For Parties

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Great Fun. Low Prices.
Phone:  (908) - 371-1808
Pony Rides For Children's Parties 

   + We come to your door
   + Low prices 
   + No mess. (We do all the cleanup)
   + Experienced professional staff
   + Safe and fun

     Call 908-371-1808 for details.

Pony Rides For Events And Fund-Raisers

   + Daycares, camps, town events, company picnics, birthday parties etc.
   + Long-term and re-occurring contracts available
   + We are fully insured
   + We supply the barricades and all other equipment
   + We handle the clean-up leaving nothing but memories

How To Get More Information

   + Telephone 1-(908)-371-1808
   + Fill out our inquiry form
   + Read our story

*  Petting Zoo  - 
    + Pet the baby goats, sheep, rabbits, ducks and a mini horse, baby donkey 
    + Children love it.  A big hit with kids.
    + Call 1-908-371-1808 for introductory prices.
Pony Parties
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Weather Policy
+It is at our discretion if we will attend your event if the weather report is calling for rain.  In order not to disappoint your child should it rain, we suggest that you do not tell your child that ponies are coming and leave it a surprise!  Of course, there is no charge if we can not attend your event.  This includes temperatures 90 degrees and up, 30 degrees or lower, thunderstorms, tornado watches, high winds (usually 25 mph and up)

New for 2018 our Unicorn Pony